20 Best Nail Art Blogs on the Internet

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When you are considering a hair color or hair style, you not only think of a good hair salon but also the best hairstylist. Our salon boasts of a top crew hairstylist who works in exemplary teamwork spirit to ensure the best and the most personalized care and attention to each and every customer. Each of our hair stylists has their own unique individual creativity and strength which is laid at the disposal of our customers to ensure they get better than the beast.

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Hair Botox Fiberceutic L’oreal

Hair Botox Fiberceutic by L’oreal.

revolutionary new molecule called Intra-Cylane™ which actually penetrates each hair fibre, rebuilding it from the core outwards. Designed to help very sensitised or weak hair recover its natural condition. It’s an ideal choice for whose hair has been damaged.

Keratin Complex Treatment by Coppola

Keratin Complex Smoothing  Hair Treatment.

Keratin Complex is specially formulated as a revitalizing and rejuvenating treatment for hair that eliminates frizz and curl. The advanced  formulation restores and restructures hair by infusing a special blend of natural keratin deep into the damaged cuticle. The Keratin Complex Hair Therapy  provides for high film affinity and bonding to relax the hair’s subcuticle layers with results typically lasting up to 3 months depending on hair type. Ask your professional hair stylist about this revolutionary system!