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Ingried Albisu April 04, 2014 Ingried Albisu

Best salon in town!!!! I had a story to tell. I came to Alejandra with a hair disaster done in another salon. She is a true master colorist and has an immense experience on color correction. Needless to say, Alejandra returned a smile to my face. She did an amazing hair cut and a beautiful color technique. I love my hair now! Thanks so much Alejandra!!!!
April 3, 2014  Sandra Fleites
Salon owner Alejandra has been cutting and coloring my hair for years.. and I have been getting compliments on it from complete strangers ever since… She possesses an artistic talent at a level which cannot be taught; it is an intricate part of her persona. Her aptitude to create a fabulous look for each of her clients attests to her broad knowledge of cutting techniques and coloring products as well as her positive interactions with her customers. alejandra possesses exceptionally high intelligence combined with an outgoing personality. she truly cares about what her clients want and puts forth extreme effort to achieve that outcome…Now she opened a beauty supply inside the salon with great professional products, I really love going to see alejandra and her team elizabeth randolph


Landon Z November 2013, Landon Z
This is my number one go-to spot for a top quality, professional hair cut. When I was looking for a place to cut my hair my main focus was getting what I was simply asking for. I’m not comfortable going to the other barbers or salons in the area because of the fact that they tend to do what they want, then try to convince you other wise. Eternity is straight forward and ethical. They ask for as much detail as possible, or even pictures at times to get exactly what you are looking for. You ask and they deliver. Once you find that place where your needs are satisfied you’ll never need to worry again. Fantastic business, they really know how to treat their customers.The pizza a few doors down is pretty good as well.
Carol Scheid July 2013,  Carol Scheid, Florida
I Love this Place!! Complete Salon:-) Affordable and Fair Pricing. A One Stop. Alejandra the Owner is Great and Super Nice!!! Roli is Terrific and Kind. All of the Staff are Amazing,Friendly, and Approachable. Alejandra has done my hair in many different styles for the past 2yrs, and I love them all. I feel beautiful after. They make the Best Coffee!!! Also, I have my Manicure (shellac) and Pedicure done there. Great pedicure chair!!! Once a month I have my Micro/Facial with Cathy and she makes me feel Fabulous after:-) Overall, I will definitely recommend Eternity Beauty Salon :-)

03/09/2013     Diana Z. Miami, Fl

I went to Eternity to get my hair done last week and I honestly have nothing but great things to say about this place, their work, and the staff. I do not often find a beauty salon that leaves such a great impression.

The salon itself is spacious, has great quality products and is very well kept.
Hair stylist, Alejandra, did a hair botox treatment on my hair and it came out amazing. I am so happy with it. I am getting compliments right and left and I notice my hair looking better than it has ever looked.
I definitely recommend this place and will be coming back..



01/24/2013    Kristie G.  Fort Lauderdale, FL

This salon is just wonderful!

The owner is a sweetheart and very professional. She makes sure you get what you want and I was extremely pleased.
I was worried about bleaching my dark hair but the products were great!
You definitely get what you pay for.
Great salon, great people.


10/23/2012  Sandra S.  Pompano Beach, Fl

Hi I have been going to Alejandra for a long time and she has always done my hair beautiful.
I travel about 45 minutes to see her and she is a great stylist and does  my hair color really well.



10/21/2012   Janet G. Hollywood, Fl

I have been searching for a new place to do my hair after I moved from Miami. I decided to go here after seeing the great reviews online. My hair was horrible, the previous hairdresser left me with orange highlights and I was very frustrated after trying different places. I was never happy with the results until I found Alejandra. The staff there is great. Let me just say that I’m VERY picky, so when I say that I’m 100% happy with the results I am not exaggerating. It is the first time that a hairdresser actually understood what I wanted in a hair color and delivered it. She is an expert and like I said for the first time I got exactly what I have been looking for. No more fake looking/orange highlights, but they look a beautiful light blonde!!! I am just very happy  and the staff also is great! This is it, finally!! My search for a hairdresser and all the horrible experiences is over!!



10/01/2012   Sebastian A. Miami,

It’s always scary moving from another state and finding that “new” place that completes our needs as human beings. Finding a Salon was that one task I had moving here to Florida. Thank goodness for that  intuition that I had by going to Eternity Beauty Salon & Spa. The  first experience at any new salon is always nerve racking, like any girl putting trust in someone else to take care of  one of the most important  part ‘s of the way we look (our hair) is always scary. Alejandra was not only so sweet when I first met her, she was an expert in hair color. If you ask her an opinion she will give it to you truthfully, and you will be very happy that you listened to her. I love my hair every time I walk out of Eternity Beauty Salon, she always gets it right!  If you are looking for that ” salon” and you are new to  Florida, give Alejandra and  her team a shot! You will be very glad you did.  I have now been going to Eternity Beauty  Salon for one year and I couldn’t imagine otherwise.




I am from Michigan and was visiting family members in FL when I decided to to get my hair done.   I found Eternity Beauty Salon on Yelp and decided to try it out.   My experience was AMAZING!   I wanted my hair ombred and only had a very blurry picture to show  Alejandra the finish I wanted.   She immediately understood the look I was going for, and explained that she  would tailor it to my skin tone;  she was so reassuring that I just let her work.

During each step she explained to me the process and what she was doing and why.   This made me feel more secure and relaxed during my appointment ( which lasted more than four hours (my hair is long and thick) ).   I have really stubborn hair that is damaged and hard to color and even harder to lightened /bleach.   Alejandra  was patient and very professional during the entire process.  She was also friendly, accommodating, and very receptive to my questions.

The end result is that I walked out with FABULOUS hair.  I went shopping afterward and many people asked me where I got my hair done.  Even four weeks after I am still getting compliments on my hair and the awesome job Alejandra did.   I feel like a whole new person!

Also Alejandra was AWESOME!  I told her I was from out of state.   So during the styling process she made sure to give me tips on how to recreate the look at home and maintain the color.  Alejandra even offered to text me color matches when it was time to touch up my roots so my hair stylist in MI could maintain the look.  I was floored by her generosity because I have never met a hair stylist that was so attentive  and caring about her clients.

After my hair was all done, I was amazed and asked over and over and over again how she managed to transform my hair from frazzled,  fried, over-processed,  bleached hair  into a soft blended ombre style that fit my skin tone perfectly.  The color was perfect and I had no orange brassiness that usually happens when I bleach my hair.  She told me that she is constantly taking classes to keep up to date on the latest hair looks and techniques.   I was so impressed.

Over all the salon was wonderful.  Great staff that was friendly and nice.    No pressure to purchase products and I felt that they really cared about finding the right style to fit my needs and my look.

Alejandra is the absolute professional.  My only regret is that I live so far away.   But every time I visit FL I will make sure to visit Eternity to get my hair colored and cut by Alejandra.

Lisa M.C. Birmingham, MI



I have been going to Alejandra, at Eternity for some time now and I just have to share how great she is at doing what she does! I always leave completely satisfied with my hair regardless of what I get done. Alejandra is the only stylist I trust with my hair. Another thing I enjoy about Eternity is the people; everyone is friendly. This is the perfect place to relax and have a little “me” time!

Natalia U. Hollywood, Fl



After searching for a balayage specialist I found this salon!.

Others charge so much and frankly I had been having bad experiences with other ‘trendy’ salons. This salon however is reasonably priced. I had a gut feeling I should try it. Glad I did, the balayage performed by the owner was exactly what I wanted!
She was very informative and honest with me. I havent seen a different stylist in this salon so I cant comment on the others.
The only not so great thing there is something that is common in many salons. I overheard another stylist commenting on the dry hair of a darker skin woman as being as dry as a broom, in front of the client. Personally I found her comment to be rude.

The owner and others though seem lovely and very professional. I would recommend you try it out.

Thanks for the Hair Alejandra!

Jana G.  Miami, Fl



I love this beauty salon , i had a color service hair cut and blow dry, i can say that i love the color , Alejandra us great she really knows about beauty, my color was perfect and i love my hair cut, i just can say that you can’t not miss this beauty salon and the staff working there.

Elizabeth Randolph Hollywood, Fl



I am pleased to recommend the services of Eternity Beauty Salon to all my friends and facebook friends.  They have been providing me with excellent service and have given me no cause for complain in the past (5 years). Alejandra’s (owner) knowledge and dedication has surpassed any hairdresser I have ever known.  She has saved me from practically becoming bald. She is also very experience in hair treatment and hair dyes!  Her personnel is very knowledgable.  You will find great nail technicians with the latest technologies, i.e. Shellac, Gellish.  Also, the facials are like no other!  And the best of all is that the prices are very, very reasonable!

I sincerely recommend the services at Eternity Beauty Salon & Spa at Pembroke Pines to all of you.

Yoly C.  Hollywood, Fl



Eternity Beauty Salon is the BEST!!! Very professional and always on time. I’ve never had to wait past my schedule time. I swear Alejandra, the owner, is a hair whisperer. My hair was very dry and unhealthy when I started seeing her 3 years ago. Today, it is beautify and healthy. I won’t let anyone else touch my hair.

Sandra F. Hollywood, Fl



People come up to me all the time and ask me, “my god, who does your color, it is fabulous”. My answer isAlejandra at Eternity Beauty Salon. What can I say, alejandra gets it. Whatever I want, I get and I feel like a movie star. Whether she is adding highlights or low lights, making me lighter or darker, my hair color is second to none. I have referred all of my friends and we are all her faithful followers.Alejandra  has a gift with color and if you are smart you will give her a try. Alejandra also provides me with whatever haircut or look I am going for. Straight, curly, up or down.  More over, the salon has such a great vibe, the guy in the front desk he is  excellent !everyone is nice !  Eternity Salon is my  palace ask for Alejandra, she is the owner and wonderful person.

Elena H. Hollywood, Fl



I had been looking for new hair stylist for a while when I decided to try Eternity Beauty Salon in 196 Pines Blvd. Pembroke Pines. I didn’t know anyone when I called for an appointment so the receptionist hooked me up with Alejandra (owner)  and I have to say she is absolutely awesome!!! Super nice and experienced, she gave me a Coolor & Cut  that turned out to be perfect and exactly what I was looking for. I will definitely be going back in a couple months. Highly recommended!!! :)   Alejandra Owner of Eternity Salon she specializing in Hair Color, Color Correction, she is great !!

Leslie G. Hollywood, Fl



I have  never  been  the  kind  of person   who  goes  to  a salon very often. But  since  I  tried  my  keratin in Eternity Beauty salon, I will  never   go  to look  for  a  different   one. Alejandra, the owner, is   friendly, and patient. She takes her time  doing  your hair. Since  then  I have always  taken my  hair  to her.  I feel  so  happy   and  satisfied with  her  work.
Alejandra  is    very professional, and   does  a very  good   job.
Don’t hesitate  to  go  there, that  place   has  very  good  prices, people  are  friendly. You will  have   a  good  experience.
Thanks  Alejandra.

Amelia G. Hollywood, Fl



This  place is the best for all of your Salon and Spa needs .  The service and care you receive are phenomenal.   Keep up the great work Alejandra.

I.D. Hollywood,Fl



Love this salon!  They matched the hair color i wanted 100% and my blow dry looks amazing :)

Aime G. Hollywood, Fl



I am a huge fan of Eternity and Alejandra.  She is a color genius and makes sure my hair is as healthy as possible.  It has been one month since I had a keratin treatment (it wasn’t the one that takes hours and was hundreds of dollars).  After a month, my hair is still shiny , straight, and NO frizz!!  I love it and will definitely do it again!

Cheryl C. Fort Lauderdale, FL